Austral & City Living Clotheslines

Austral Clothes Hoists is the only Australian Clothes Line Company still manufacturing a full range of Clothes Lines in Australia.  Austral is 100% Australian owned and Australian made.

While Governments and Industry around the world search for green energy solutions, Austral Clothes Lines continue to offer real energy and cost saving solutions to the humble washing line.

From the installation of outdoor clothes lines that utilize natural solar and wind energy, to the use of internal drying rooms that utilize solar energy or excess energy ducted from other appliances, Austral Clothes Lines has a clothes line to suit your requirements.

It makes more sense to buy a quality Austral Clothes Line that is made to last, than a cheaper off-shore product you may need to replace in a few months or a few years. The old saying of “you get what you pay for” is generally true for clothes lines too.

After all, we don’t usually get excited about replacing a clothes line.

Austral Clothes Lines manufacture quality Clothes Lines with more line space

  • Allow you more flexibility with washing and drying options….more time to do the things you really want to do
  • Austral’s range of Fold Downs and Fold Away Clothes Lines are partially pre-assembled to make installation a breeze
  • Austral Clothes Lines are made from sturdy Galvabond Steel with very few plastic components to ensure maximum strength and durability
  • Weight tested to hold 150kg of washing (when adequately fixed to a masonry wall or optional Ground Mount Kit)
  • Spare parts are readily available – as we know, accidents can happen.
  • Energy efficient – no power usage – just solar and wind energy free from nature


Retract Away

The Austral Retract Away is a discreet retractable clothes line suitable for use in many different areas.

The Retract Away is suitable for carports, garages, balconies, laundries or long narrow areas.  When fully extended the Retract Away will hold almost as much washing as a medium sized Rotary clothes line.

The Austral Retract Away Clothes Line is the only retractable that will lock in from as little as 2mts in length and extend up to 8m (or 10m) in length, making it the longest Retract Away available.

The Retract Away is easily retracted back into the cabinet when you have finished using it.  The Retract Away may be installed from wall to wall; wall to post, post to wall or post to post (see Retract Away mounting options)

  • 800mm x 125mm Cabinet
  • 40m - 50m line space
  • Suitable for 2-6 people
  • 5 lines in total
  • Minimum line length 2m
  • Maximum line length 8m - 10m
  • Recommended area: 1.3m x (2m - 10m)

Fixed Rotary

Austral still manufactures a range of Fixed Rotary clothes lines. 

Whether for commercial or residential use, the Fixed Rotary offers the strength and reliability associated with washing lines of yesteryear.

Austral also offers a Powdercoated Galvanized Rotary.  The Elite is a 4m Deluxe Rotary powdercoated in Heritage Green.  The Elite has all the traditional features of a galvanized rotary with a one piece Helical Column and plastic gear case.

The Super Rotary Hoist is built to last with Galvabond tubing, Galvanized wire and a Metal Gear Case.

The Deluxe Rotary Hoist uses the same Galvabond tubing and Galvanized wire as the Super Rotary Hoist but features a one piece Helical Column with plastic gear case.

For Removable Rotaries see our Fold Away Rotaries

You can trust Australian made

  • Austral’s Super Rotary Hoists are available in 3 sizes.
  • The Deluxe Rotary Hoists are available in 2 sizes.
  • The Elite is a Powdercoated Deluxe Rotary clothes line.
  • The Austral Rotaries are manufactured using sturdy Galvabond Steel and Galvanized wire to ensure strength and durability.
  • Ideal for virtually maintenance free situations

Rotary Elite shown.

Rotary Elite shown.

City Living Paraline

No plastic components! Complete powder coat galvinised steel construction available in various sizes and colours. Available in ground mount and wall mount to suit location for installation. Also purchasable with a low-line offering a second frame with an extra 3 lines for those tight areas allowing for a smaller clothesline. Contact Whitehall Distributors today for your obligation free quote.